Membership Cancellation

We're sorry to see you go!

As your coach, I hope you'll keep exercising, so I'm going to send you 10 workouts to try on your own!

We hope to see you again soon!

The member may request cancellation of their Agreement after the expiry of the minimum term (1 month) after all instalments and fees up until the date of termination are paid in full. 


Members must give a minimum of 1 week notice of termination. Any payments that fall due within this notice period shall be payable in full and the member shall be entitled to full use of the gym for any time paid for during this notice period.


Members shall not consider that their membership has been terminated until such time as this is confirmed in writing to the Member by Underground Fitness.


Termination requests with less than 1 week notice will be subject to a $25.00 short notice fee. Access to classes will be restricted until all outstanding fees have been paid.


Cancellation of membership is final. Any future application for membership will be assessed at future terms and rates.

Cancel Your Membership

Cancellation will be effective as of your  next renewal date, unless  another future date is otherwise specified


To request to restart your membership, please complete a "Your Membership" form.

Members must give at least 7 days notice to terminate their membership.

Your request has been received! We are sorry to see you go!