Frequently asked questions

Is CrossFit for me?

Yes! Everyone can do CrossFit regardless of age, injuries and current fitness levels. The program is modified for each person to help them safely become healthier and fitter. Athletes of all abilities can perform modified versions of the same general workout

How do I get started?

Book a free, no sweat intro to meet a coach and determine the path that is best for you! Book here → FREE INTRO

How much does it cost?

You can find all our Membership Options here: Memberships

What are class times?

See our class calendar here: Class Times

Do I need to be in shape before I start?

No. CrossFit is the program that will get you in shape. No matter what your current fitness level is, you can start CrossFit. As you become fitter, workouts will become more challenging. Every workout is designed to help you succeed, improve fitness and move you toward your goals.

Is there a beginners class?

Yes. Before attending any Crossfit group class, you must first complete our Fundamentals program that will teach you the fundamental movements of CrossFit to ensure your success, and make sure you are moving correctly, safely and will have the confidence to join our group classes. You can find more details here: Fundamentals

What types of classes do you offer?

We offer a wide range of choices to suit all needs! Check out our program options here: Programs

Do you offer personal training?

You bet! See details here: Personal Training

What about Nutrition? Can you help me with that?

Absolutely! Book a free consultation here: Nutrition

What if I can't do the movements or lift the weights prescribed in the workout?

All CrossFit workouts can be modified for people of any age and ability. Adjusting a workout for a specific person is called “scaling,” and it allows very experienced athletes and beginners to train side by side. A skilled CrossFit Trainer can quickly adjust each workout to reflect your needs, goals and current abilities. In general, choose a load that’s manageable for you or use a percentage of the weight prescribed. Replace movements you can’t do with similar movements that are available to you. For example, push-ups can become knee push-ups as you build the strength required for the full movement. In every workout, strive for consistent mechanics before adding weight or increasing the load.

Do I need any special equipment?

Nope! All you need to get started is a good pair of shoes and comfortable clothes to workout in. Some athletes eventually chose to purchase some of their own gear (such as skipping ropes, wrist wraps, etc), but everything you need to get started and be successful is available at the gym!

Is CrossFit safe?

Yes. CrossFit training is very safe, and sitting on your couch is actually incredibly dangerous. In CrossFit boxes, credentialed trainers provide precise instructions and coaching to help people move safely and efficiently, helping people avoid all the diseases that come from inactivity, obesity and poor nutrition.

What are your COVID-19 safety protocols?

Check out our safety protocols here: COVID-19

I have so many questions! Where can I find more information?

That's awesome! It's great to be informed. To get more information, your best bet is to book a FREE no sweat intro and come talk to us! We will gladly answer all your questions and easy your mind! BOOK NOW! Or, if you still want to do some reasearch on your own, the CrossFit website is a great place to start!