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If so, we have the right program and a caring, qualified staff to help get you there! We have programs that will allow you to work one-on-one with a coach or in a group setting.  Whatever environment you are searching for and whatever your goals, we can help!

It’s Our Commitment to You!

Just throwing you into a CrossFit class is not demonstrating a commitment to your fitness. During your introductory assessment, you will learn all about our methodology and our unique application of CrossFit. Not all CrossFit gyms are the same. Unlike McDonald’s, CrossFit is not a franchise. Generally speaking, there are some similarities between gyms, but how individual gyms are run – the workout structure, the level of coaching, the energy, and the specific philosophies – vary greatly. You will find that our philosophy is far different than other gyms in the area is founded on the highest levels of service, commitment, and results.

It’s Unique to You and Comprehensive!

Everyone comes in with a different background and different story. Our supportive community is built on starting you exactly where you are, and then progressively and systematically helping you reach your goals. The session takes about 30-45 minutes. We’ll cover everything you need to know to begin your fitness journey with us and start you on the path to get you there.

It’s easy to schedule. Book your appointment below to get started on finding that special way to achieve your goals and find out what makes Cranbrook Crossfit the right fit for you!

Class Schedule
Membership Options

First step: Book a Free "No Sweat" intro to meet on-on-one with a coach and discuss your goals. We’ll cover everything you need to know to begin your fitness journey with us and start you on the path to get you there.

From there, we have different membership options to suit your needs. We offer Group Classes (CrossFit & Bodyfit), Personal Training, and Nutrition Programs customized to help you achieve your goals!

New to Crossfit? Before attending any Crossfit group class, you must first complete our Fundamentals program that will teach you the fundamental movements of CrossFit to ensure your success, and make sure you are moving correctly, safely and will have the confidence to join our group classes. Details below.

Fundamentals Program: This prep course is required for all members who are planning to attend our Crossfit classes. It consists of 3 private one on one session with a coach. During your sessions you will learn the basics of CrossFit fundamental movements and proper lifting techniques. We require the Fundamentals Course to ensure you know the basics of lifting techniques, establish your lifting ability, physical baseline, avoid injuries, and work out effectively. If you do not want to do the Fundamentals Course at this time, but still want to join. You have the option to attend our BodyFit classes. 

Cost: $195 

Nutrition Program: We offer 1:1 nutrition coaching, tailored to each athlete and their goals, not only to look and feel good, but to optimize your gym performance. There are no templates or meal plans, instead we educate clients on how to properly fuel their bodies for their workouts and maintain their weight loss overtime. Click here to learn more!

Cost: $150/month OR $515/3 months

Group Classes:
Unlimited Monthly Membership

Includes unlimited Crossfit* or Bodyfit Classes


*All athletes must have previous Crossfit experience OR successfully complete our Fundamentals program before attending a Crossfit class.

Group Classes:
Limited Monthly Membership

Option 1:

Includes 3 Crossfit* or Bodyfit Classes per week


Option 2:

Includes 12 Crossfit*

classes per month.


Option 3:

Includes 8 Crossfit* or Bodyfit Classes per month


Group Classes:

Includes Crossfit* or Bodyfit Classes

Single Drop in: $20

Are you an out-of-town CrossFitter? Reserve your spot in any CrossFit class.


No CrossFit Experience? Check out a Bodyfit class (open to everyone!)

Personal Training:

Personal training packages

60 minute Sessions

  • 1 session $65

  • 4 per month $260

  • 8 per month $520

  • 12 per month $780

  • 16 per month $1040

    • Includes Nutrition coaching for the month​

30 minute Skill Sessions

  • 1 session $45

  • 4 per month $180

  • 8 per month $360

  • 12 per month $540

  • 16 per month $1720