Member FAQs


How do I pay my monthly fees?

If you are a current member, you already have a membership. This membership will renew automatically each month. You do NOT need to “purchase” a new membership each month. To pay your fees: 1. Go into your ZenPlanner app (don’t have the app? Go to the website or scroll down to find the link to download the app). 2. Click on “View Profile” 3. If you haven’t already done so, click “Payment Methods” and add your banking info. (Credit cards are not accepted) 4. Click on “Bills” 5. Once your payment is due**, you will see a big red Pay Now button. Click that and pay your bill. ** If you want to make a payment before the due date, contact Jackie (below) and she can process it early for you. You may also pay in person at the gym via cash, credit, or debit. After you have paid, if you do not receive a reciept of payment email within 48 hours, please reach out to your coach or Jackie Smithson to confirm the payment was noted. If you need help, contact Jackie Smithson: Email: Facebook Messenger: Jackie Smithson Click here to download the app and learn how to set up your account: ZenPlanner App.

How do I cancel my membership?

Membership cancelation requests must be submitted within 7 days on the billing due date of your current membership. Memberships that are not paid or cancelled within that time frame will receive a $15 late fee. Late fees must be paid in full before any additional memberships can be added to your account. Please complete this form to cancel your membership: Cancellation Form

I'm going on vacation, can I put my membership on hold?

Unfortunately, no. Unless otherwise stated, all memberships are 1 month in length from the date you started it. Once your membership expires at the end of the month, you may complete the cancellation form so it doesn’t renew for the following month. You may then request to purchase a new membership once you are ready to return.

Please note:

  • Your membership WILL renew unless this form is completed. Any unpaid (or uncancelled) memberships will incur a late fee of $15 after a 7 day grace period from the due date. All fees are due in full before any additional memberships can be purchased in the future.

I don't want to manually pay my fees each month, can I turn on Autopay?

Absolutely. If you don’t want to deal with this hassle each month, you can opt-in to “Autopay” and have your bill automatically be paid each month when it is due. To select this option you need to complete this form, giving us consent to debit your account each month*: AutoPay Consent Form Once the form has been received, we will turn on that feature for you, and your next bill will get paid automatically from the account you have set up in your ZenPlanner profile. If your bill is already passed due once you complete the form, the payment will process the following day. *Please ensure you have already set up your banking info in your ZenPlanner profile. To turn off Autopay Please contact Jackie Smithson via Email: **Please give at least 3 days notice before you bill is due to ensure it is processed in time. Any request submitted with less than 3 days notice, cannot be guaranteed to be completed before your next bill.

I got injured, can I put my membership on hold?

Most likely, yes. Please contact Jesse and discuss the best course of action.

I want to change my membership to something different, how do I do that?

Please fill out the form here: Change Membership ** Please note that Memebership changes/cancellation/holds must be requested within 7 days of your due date. ** Questions/Concerns? Contact Jackie Smithson: Email: Facebook Messenger:

ZenPlanner & SugarWOD

How do I log into SugarWOD

Get the app here: SugarWOD Once you have downloaded the SugarWOD app, search for our gym "Underground Fitness" (with a green logo) and add it as your primary gym. You will be asked for a passcode, enter: UFCC

Do I need to log my workouts into SugarWOD?

No, but we highly recommend you do! It's a great way to see your progress, as we eventually repeat some workouts (especially "Benchmark" workouts) and you can see how much you improved. This can be very motivating! If you are concerned about everyone else seeing your scores, you can always change the settings and select who can see them (Everyone, My friends & My gym, My friends only, or Only me). To change this setting, go into "Settings" and "Workout Visibility" Another thing that you should definitely record, is any personal records you hit. This is especially important if you are new. Not only will it help you from workout to workout to see what weights you should be using, but its another great way to see your progress! To record there, click on "Me" and then either "Barbell PRs" (to record weights lifted), or "Benchmarks" to record your score for particular benchmark workouts.

Where do I find the Workout of the Day (WOD) posted?

In the SugarWOD app. All workouts for the week are posted each Sunday.

Get the app here: SugarWOD

How do I reserve a class? (and do I have to?)

Classes can be reserved up to a week in advance through the ZenPlanner app (or website). If you have a smart phone, it is best to use the app. It is a red circle with a white Z. Click here to download the app and learn how to set up your account: ZenPlanner App. Click here to access the website: ZenPlanner Website Pre-booking a class is not required, though it is strongly encouraged! Not only does it help our coaches know who to expect, but more importantly, it guarantees you a spot! If you show up to a class that is full, only people that had reserved in advance will be granted access.

Can I cancel a reservation? If so, how?

Reservations can be cancelled up to 8 hours before the class start time. You can do so through the app, the same way you resevered the class. If you need to cancel on short notice, please contact Jesse Ewaskiuk (250-417-6538) or the coach for the class. Please don’t reserve a class and then not show up. This is espeically important for a class that is full as you might be taking up a spot that someone else would love to take! If you book a class and no show without canceling you will temporarily lose your privileges of booking. This means you can attend classes if there is room, but if it fills up your out of luck.