Nutrition Coaching

What we do:


We offer 1:1 nutrition coaching, tailored to each athlete and their goals, not only to look and feel good, but to optimize your gym performance. There are no templates or meal plans, instead we educate clients on how to properly fuel their bodies for their workouts and maintain their weight loss overtime.


These programs are specific to the individual and adjustments are made based off the individual. Whether you are a crossfit athlete, busy professional, or stay at home mom, this program can work for you.


Customized 1:1 coaching includes:


  • Goal focused nutrition education, supplement suggestions, and nutrient timing strategies around your training sessions. 

  • Daily Macronutrient goals, based off of the individual and adjusted, as needed.

  • Coaching on healthier food options, and allowing for flexibility to eat the foods you love!

  • Check ins with your coach, via email every week to make sure you are on track and your needs are being met, no matter where you are. 

  • Video messaging available and 24/7 accessibility to your coach

Meet Our Nutrition Coach

Madie Anderson has a love for being active and living a healthy lifestyle. She developed a passion for Nutrition, as well as Crossfit, and loves being able to help others achieve their goals, whether its aesthetics, performance, or generalized health and wellbeing. Madie has a background working as a Paramedic and Nurse. She understands that addressing the clients needs and helping them reach their goals, goes far beyond food.


6 months: $900 ($150/month)

Includes one 30 min private training session

3 months: $525 ($175/month)

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