Do you want to improve your gymnastics?

These 5 tips will get you headed towards gymnastics ninja status!

  1. Improve your strength to body weight ratio. It's not enough to just build strength. To truly excel with gymnastics, you need to develop strength while reducing your body fat percentage. It’s sometimes a tough topic but it's simple math. Most of us who have been training for a while have the muscle, but what percentage of our bodyweight is fat? If it is less than ideal, you are working a lot harder doing your gymnastics than those who have it dialed in. Nutrition is the foundation of fitness and the most important thing you can improve for gymnastics performance!

  2. Increase your strict gymnastic strength. If you try bypassing building the required prerequisite strict strength for kipping movements they can be dangerous and further more, your ability to build capacity on kipping movements will be very limited. Yes, improving kipping technique will help, but laying the foundation of strict strength is the best way to improve your kipping movements!

  3. Achieving full range of motion. Mobility can limit progress as much as strength. If you can’t achieve the range of motion to properly preform a movement, you will compensate. This will result in developing poor and inefficient technique. It also greatly increases your chance of injury! Extra time put into developing full range of motion is a great way to make improvements and reduce the chance of injury.

  4. Perform the common, uncommonly well! This means perfecting the basics before jumping ahead to the (sexy) high difficulty skills. Hollow to arch, planks, kip swings, handstand holds, v-ups, push-ups, and the list goes on. If you half ass these basic skills how can you expect to perform the more complex movements properly. Great care and attention to the basics will pay dividends down the road!

  5. Get extra help! It is amazing what a focused 30 min gymnastics private training session can do too fast track improvement. Having a trained eye watch and break down your movement is a game changer for many! You will be given individual progressions based on your current movement patterns and ability. You can then implement these in the class setting every opportunity that you get!


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