February 9th, 2021

New Coach Alert!

We are excited to officially announce Anne Butters as an Underground Fitness coach!

Anne was born and raised in Williams Lake, BC. She’s a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer with a competitive history in downhill skiing, rugby, and mountain biking. She’s got 4 years of CrossFit experience and plans to expand her goals to powerlifting and strongman events. A career path to Structural Firefighting is what brought Butters to the Kootenay’s and she is currently completing Fire Academy.

Anne brings a smile on her face, a positive attitude, and a drive to see people succeed. Her ultimate objective with coaching is to help athletes reach their fitness goals and unlock their true potential. She hopes to be an inspiration and to instill her passion for fitness and healthy living in those she coaches.

With everything Anne brings, we know she will be a great fit for our gym.

Keep an eye out for her coaching classes soon!

In House Crossfit Open 2021!


We are super excited to start organizing for this years Open! Last year was amazing and we will take what we learned while making appropriate adjustments to follow Covid protocols.

This year more then ever they have designed the Open competition to be doable for every ability level. From seasoned athletes to brand new members, everyone with get the perfect version of each workout for them!

Just like last year it's all about showing up, giving your all, and supporting your fellow athletes! Its a great way to spark motivation and build stronger community within the gym. Please consider joining in the fun!!

Sign up for our In House Open will start tomorrow Monday February 8th! The registration fee will be $20. A list of all those signing up will be available at the gym.

Athletes will be divided up into 4 teams. Each team will have a captain. Captains will have various small duties, one of which will be selection of their team via a blind draft on Monday February 15th!

Open workouts will be completed on Saturdays with your entire team. Teams will be given an adequate time allotment to complete their workouts in heats. Teams will be responsible for organizing judging for workouts. Following Covid restrictions we will only have one team in the gym at a time. If an athlete is unable to make their Saturday Open workout time we will do our best to facilitate them so the workout can be completed.

Covid hasn't stoped our gym yet and this is just another opportunity for us to be creative and overcome the challenges presented to us. We hope you are as excited about the new Open format as we are. We train hard and now its time to have some fun with it!

Goal Review Sessions

We have opened bookings for our Free Goal Review Sessions in February!

In January we had 14 Members book Goal Review Sessions. The information shared during these appointments has not only helped our members, it has helped our gym. Our members come out of these sessions with a more focused plan on achieving their goals. We gained valuable insight on what was working, and what we could improve for our members.

Book yours today!

Personal Training Sessions

It's great to see our athletes investing more into achieving those long and short term goals. When you guys come to us asking for help to improve or learn new movements we already have a game plan going in. We get to see many of you on a daily basis and already have a good idea what will help you. We don't always have the time or opportunity in class to really did deep.

30 min private training sessions are perfect for breaking down movements to their core elements and building from there!

Many athletes have been taking advantage of these session lately and have seen many great improvements!

Contact Jesse to book yours today!

Gym Improvements

A big shout out to Jesse who has spent countless hours over the last few weeks on many improvements to the gym! He has rearranged the racks to allow for more workout squares, which has allowed everyone the ability to attend the classes they want! Additional improvements include: sanding down the pull up bars, cleaning and greasing the barbells, adding more bolts to the racks to better secure them, and adding wallball targets to the spaces without wall access!

Facebook Group

If you have Facebook, and haven’t already joined our group, come check it out! This is where we celebrate wins, post important announcements, and build our community and connections. Join here: Underground Fitness News & Updates!


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