Monday, May 16th 2022

We are back into "Speed" week. The goal is to be able to apply maximum force as quickly as possible. This training requires that athletes spend a considerable amount of time under tension at high intensity. That intensity could be the load being lifted or the speed at which you need to complete the work.

A great example of this came up in the Kootenay Cup last weekend. A snatch speed ladder was the first event. It wasn't necessarily the strongest athletes that did the best. It was a combination of strength and speed!

"Have been going through some revaluation of my workouts and building confidence In the weights I use during my workouts. Trying to push out of my comfort zone with movements I feel confident with and going back to basics with movements I am struggling with. Focusing on the little wins instead of just the end game. I will get a pull up this year lol" - Christy E

"Got my first Kipping handstand pushup on Monday and did them in the workout!!" - Alyssa D

"3 months in and look forward to class every weekday!

It's nice to have some PR's in SugarWOD now so I know what I'm doing (to some degree )

And actually seeing some definition in my biceps is pretty cool, haha" - Sarah T

"Did 10 TTB unbroken in a workout today. Beat my previous record of 8" - Jackie S

"Feeling healthy and energetic and have a child starting kindergarten next year!" - Mike E

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Huge shoutout to Tina H for hitting her

first kipping handstand push-ups last night!

This Coming Monday, May 23rd, we will be running a special Holiday workout!

Be prepared for a fun team grinder!

The reservation window will close 24 hours prior to the class, as will the cancellation window.

We need that time to plan and prepare!

Here's a peek at the partner grinder from last weekend!


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