Above all else, just showing up is the most important thing you can do. Sometimes this can be a struggle! There might seem to be an endless list of things trying to derail us. Poor sleep, child responsibilities, summer outdoor activities, injury, lack of energy, new work schedule. At times It takes great commitment to overcome these challenges

Here are some suggestions to help you become more consistent in your training.

Poor sleep - Yes you feel less than 100% but the body is an amazing machine! You will get through the workout just fine. You may need to take it back a notch but nine times out of ten you will feel better after your workout!

Kids responsibility - This can be a tricky one. Planning is the key and have back up child care if possible! Our kids always take priority but when choosing your children's activity schedule have yours in mind as well. If there are options, try to pick a schedule that works for everyone.

Summer outdoor activities - It's great you are getting outside and taking advantage of the warm weather! Keep in mind all that you have accomplished within the gym. While outdoor activities are great for the body and mind, they will not keep up the level of fitness you have built in the gym. One hour of your day is not a lot and you have worked very hard to get where you are! Training and summer fun can co-exist!

Injuries - These can happen inside and outside the gym. In most cases they only limit what we can do. Are you still working and doing your day to day tasks? If the answer is yes, then you can still get to the gym! Our coaches are amazing at finding alternative exercises to keep you building fitness and healing and the same time! A shoulder injury means we focus on lower body and midline. A leg injury means its time to target the upper body and midline…etc… Dealing with injuries can put us in a funk if we let them. We guarantee getting to the gym and doing something will help!

Lack of energy - We have all been there! We are feeling tired and there is a tough workout showing up that day. There is an internal struggle at this point. Do you show up or take a rest day. In some cases you may need a rest day but most of the time we suggest just showing up and moving. This means reducing the weight being lifted and lowering the intensity. Go off "feel" on days like this. Again, 9 times out of 10, you will feel better after doing something as opposed to nothing.

New work schedule - We have 6 classes per day which give options. You need to be flexible and work with what times you have available. It may mean going to a less than ideal class time. Some people don’t like getting up early or working out later. Just as with changing sleeping habits, the body will adjust to working out at different times. It will be tough in the beginning, but before you know it, it will become your new routine if you make the effort


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