Sunday, June 12, 2022

On Monday, May 23rd, we kicked off the week with an epic MURPH workout:

In the CrossFit world, everyone eventually comes to know the benchmark workout "Fran" and the hero workout "Murph". They are two very different tests of fitness but they both earn the

respect of anyone who tackles them!

Hero WODs are designed to be both mentally and physically demanding. They test not only our fitness but our resilience to push through and finish the challenge in front of us. We push a little harder and dig a little deeper because it means a little more. A way to honour those that paid the ultimate price defending our way of life. The bond created by completing these workouts as a group is special and not to be missed!

Lieutenant Michael Murphy was a SEAL team member who lost his life serving his country in Afghanistan in 2005 during Operation Red Wings (2). On the morning of June 28th, Lt. Michael Murphy and Petty Officers Danny Dietz, Matthew Axelson, and Marcus Luttrell were dropped into the mountains of Afghanistan, only to be ambushed by more than fifty militiamen after a local accidentally wandered onto their position and gave it up. The four soldiers were heavily outnumbered, but put up a strong fight. During the ambush, Lt. Murphy risked his own life by coming out from cover, finding a signal, and calling for help.

Murphy, Dietz, and Axelson died that day along with 8 additional SEALS and 8 Army Night Stalker service members when their helicopter was shot down in its pursuit of saving the the 4 men.

Luttrell escaped, barely alive. Locals discovered his body and took it to a village where he was cared for over three days before being rescued by the SEALs.

Do you ever feel like nutrition is the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to your health? You’re not alone!!

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House keeping request!

We promise to change the mop water more often it you guys will stop leaving the mop heads sitting in the water! They need to dry out between mops or they sit and rot!! Thanks guys!

Heavy singles on the back squats this week!

It was great to see the increase in strength for many of you! You weren't supposed to go for a new 1Rm, but some athletes were pretty new when we tested last and other have never tested. Some of you went for it and hit some big 1st time attempts and some hit new 1Rms!

Others just made 90+% look like 80ish%

Here are some BRIGHT SPOTS from the last couple weeks:

Rachel A - Ran my first 5k race today! And got a new PR on my kipping pull ups at Wednesday's workout!

Alyssa B - Got a new PR for the snatch workout today! My goal was 85lbs and I did it!! I never thought I would ever be able to do 85lb snatches!

Michaela B - Had some great workouts this week, was able to pump out a lot more burpees then I had thought for on Thursday’s deadly workout! Also made a new PR with power snatches today 105lbs!!

Jane R - I’m challenging myself to 21 burpees a day for 21 days. I carve out a few minutes of “me” time a day.

Sarah T - I have reached a level of fitness where I actually CRAVE a hike or wilderness jaunt. This is big for me since I would get winded five minutes into xc skiing/hikes/etc only six months ago!

Karen M - I completed my first (variation of) Murph this week. Shout out to Sean for nudging me to challenge myself as I was definitely eyeing up the mini Murph at the start of class!

Bryson P - I lost 15lbs (5% body fat) in my 6 week challenge! I am really liking the community here, I am bad at planning so this program is good for me because all I have to do is show up. (which is really easy with lots of friendly supportive people around ). Currently trying to eat more protein so I don't lose the muscle I have built already.

Angelica W - Thoroughly enjoyed Saturdays running class. Also super appreciative of the coaches helping me modify basically everything the past few weeks. So shout out to them.

Reili S - Crushed workouts this week, the knee felt good! I am starting to see and feel my fitness looking/getting better. So excited!

Jesse E - Hit a 165lb power snatch! Up in bodyweight and feeling strong! I am hitting weights on lifts I haven't hit in a long time and they are feeling easy! Training hard, eating double the amount I was before, and mobility every day!

Christy E - Have pushed a lot out of my comfort zone. Positive attitude is helping me to go for the heavier weight and reps. Exhausted but feel better about my self

Lynnette M - I committed to 4 days a week for 3 weeks and actually followed through. So that’s new.

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