Nutrition Challenge

We’re excited to announce a new focus being put into nutritional support for the

gym members.

We have always had a solid training program and we plan to match that type of quality with nutrition coaching. Our nutrition coaching will be goal focused and based on building healthy habits.

We are going to kick things off with a nutrition challenge! This challenge is for anyone looking to have more energy, maximize the benefits of their workouts, and change body composition based on their personal goals.

It will run for 4 weeks and be focused on integrating healthy habits with nutrition improving performance and overall heath.

We will be providing you with knowledge, accountability, peer support, and measurable results. Once signed up you will be scheduled for an intake consultation to go over goals, get an in body scan, added to a private group, and receive an overview of the challenge. Upon completion you will receive a second scan and consultation to go over your results and any questions you may have going forward.

This Challenge will run from June 20th to July 18th with weekly goals around food, drinking water and steps. You will earn points by following the nutritional templates laid out each week with a winner announced at the end. The costs is $125.00 + Tax

We will be doing the first Inbody scan and nutrition consultations June 13th to 17th

  • To sign up for the challenge in ZenPlanner, tap on the three dots in the upper left corner and go to the “purchase”, then choose the nutrition challenge! Or click HERE.

  • Schedule your Inbody scan and nutrition consultation HERE.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot Claire a message over Facebook or track her down before class.


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