Set Yourself Up for Success!

Make sure your workouts are customized specifically for YOU!

On any given day, we have up to 30 different versions of each workout we program for you. Finding the right version for each person is the one of the most important things we can do as coaches to maximize our athletes experience and results.

Many things factor into finding the right workout for each individual. Strength, mobility, experience, injuries, energy levels, goals, the list goes on! While our coaches are really good modifying, communication with our athletes is of utmost importance!!

As coaches, we need to know some key information to help you get the most out of your training day. Without this information you could be missing the mark when it comes to maximizing the benefit of the workout. Here is what you need to be sharing with your coaches before the workout starts!

  1. Do you have any injuries or areas of your body that feel compromised? If it concerns you it should concern us! Anything that feels off is worth mentioning to your coaches. Something small could turn into something big and derail your progress. By being proactive and cautious with the little things you could potentially be preventing a much more serious injury. When you feel something small, often it is a warning that that area has been compromised and may need time to heal. Ignoring it and pushing through could set you back with injury while finding a modification for that day won’t.

  2. Are you feeling “off" energy wise that day? The coaches are there to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout. If we don’t know you didn’t get any sleep the night before or you’re recovering from sickness, we may try to push you past your energy level that day. You showed up less than 100% and that’s great but it's important for your coaches to know so we can provide some training alternatives if needed.

  3. We need to know your current goals! This is really important! If we know you are trying to achieve specific results, it can change the way we approach the workout for you. If you are trying to pack on muscle and increase strength, your reps could go down and your load could go up. We could also reduce the cardio stimulus of the workout and up the strength building aspect. If your goal is to get a specific gymnastic skill, we could find a great progression for you in place of just making the movement easier. If your goal is to build capacity with the Rx version of the movement, we could reduce the reps to something sustainable within the workout. The more we know with regards to your goals the more we can help you achieve them!!

Book your complimentary Goal Review Session!

A great way to make your goals known is to book a goal review / Inbody scan appointment . These appointments are available free of charge to our members every 3 months. You can book these via our website in the members area.

During these appointment we not only identify your goals, we also put together an individualized action plan for you to achieve them! If you haven’t booked one of these yet you’re missing out! If you have booked one and its been 3 months, its time to book another!


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