Sunday, September 4, 2022

Here's what's happening around the gym!


New Training Cycle Started Last Monday!

Coming off a successful Olympic weightlifting cycle, we now are putting the focus on gymnastics. In particular gymnastics, strength, endurance, stamina. We will focus on mid level gymnastics volume in this cycle, don't be surprised if your progress here positively affects your high level gymnastics too. The benefits of muscular stamina within our sport and outside the gym are huge. It's one thing to be strong and powerful on a barbell, it's another to be able to sustain higher volume bodyweight movements.

We will expose you to a progressive dosage of gymnastics volume based on Maximum repetitions. We will focus on base movements that have transferability throughout most other gymnastics movements. Just like when we use basic lifts in a strength cycle.

Keep in mind our training will always be based around general physical preparedness. The goal is improving our gymnastics while maintaining and progressing other areas of our training as well.


House keeping request!

Please handle the chalk with care!

The chalk blocks are dense and will last a long time if they aren't dropped into the buckets. Please use what you need and place the block back gently.

We appreciate your cooperation!


We have exciting news to announce!

Our coaching team is on the verge of a great new addition!!

Reili Savage headed to Spokane last month to get her level 1 CrossFit coaching certification!

Congrats Reili!


Wrist wraps for sale!

With all our new members lately we figured we better bring in some wrist wraps. As our veterans will tell you, these are the single most utilized workout accessory in the gym. We highly recommend grabbing a pair of these!


Have you reviewed your goals lately?

With summer coming to an end and everyone getting back into more of a routine, now is the perfect time to book a goal review session with one of our coaches!

Have a chat about where you're at, where you want to be, and the best way to get there.

You can also take advantage of our InBody Scanner for an added level of accountability!

Goal review sessions are FREE to all members!! You can schedule one as often as every 3 months!


Here are some BRIGHT SPOTS from over the summer!:

Sarah T - I finally did jumping bar muscle ups! Five in a row! It's exciting to see the results of the hard work and ass kicking workouts you guys provide Also loving all the new faces joining and seeing their excitement when they do something new to them that they thought impossible

Rachel A - I climbed my first rope climb last week, got a lot of fun workouts in, been to the lake as much as I can get there AND have a new job that I LOVE SO MUCH.

Bryce B - Match d my power clean PR in a complex on Wednesday and then matched squat snatch PR in an EMOM on Thursday!

Mike R - Thanks to Jesse and his in-gym motivation yesterday. When he asked if I was coming to the holiday workout, I checked out the programming and responded “I can’t” which in my mind was “I’ve already done enough this week”. Thanks to all the coaches for always pushing the athletes to help us get the most out of the workouts. l and keep us working toward our fitness goals. Today, I saw great teamwork, awesome support and stellar motivation from everyone. Glad to be a part of this great community! Have an awesome long weekend everyone! You deserve it!

Janet W - Hitting a 125lb front squat this week was such a bright spot for me!! I often feel like I am not making any progress then… that happened! My last 1RM for a front squat was 55lbs on March 14…. Yes, I am progressing!! Thankful for Jesse, Claire & the cheerleaders in the 9am class this week! Also watching Kali’s face glow when she kicked ass doing a rope climb was so inspiring!!!

Rachel A - Did 5 toes to bar in a row and 10 double unders In a row in the same workout - both of which have been a struggle for me! Soso excited. Leaving for Tofino tomorrow for the second time this year. Life's good!

Renee D - Did my first handstand ever yesterday!!!

Alyssa D - I hit 155 for my split Jerk which I failed 2 weeks prior!

Joey H - Feels great to feel great! Wrists feeling good, rib healed up. PRd my Jerk at 265 this week. Time to ramp up the training again!

Sean M - This was week 3 of my increased training volume and its already starting to pay off. Weights that were challenging before are starting to feel light. It might be time for some retesting soon.


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